The `tags::` page-property -> What are your use cases?

Hey guys! Quick question from a relative newcomer. Do you guys use the tags:: property often? If so, what’re your use-cases?

Initially, I was using it for most things. A movie would get tags:: horror, mystery, and then I’d turn around and use it for a YouTube video, like tags:: Buddhism, mindfulness, life design. Problem is, I noticed that tags seemed to be “special” - tag nodes are colored differently on the graph, they get a unique “Pages tagged with” section at the bottom of pages, etc. I didn’t want to unknowingly “pollute” my workflows before I really understood what I was doing, so I instead started using custom, derivative properties like genre-tags:: instead.

Anyway, just wanted to better understand how tags:: work (at least within properties) and how you guys have been using them.