Theme plugin settings

Non-theme plugins can register setting schema for plugin settings. They show up under Settings > Plugins.

Request the same for the theme plugins. This will enable theme designers to give flexibility to their themes with options like customizing the accent color, hiding/showing specific elements or changing colors for specific items of importance.

Currently, it is possible to access theme settings from the Installed Plugin page > Themes tab > choose “Open Settings” from the dropdown of a theme (if the theme has registered settingsSchema just like non-theme plugins)

I can look into contributing to this but need the opinion of others in the community before I proceed.

Edit: added images for reference

I was able to get this functionality to work in my fork of Logseq but I am not sure how contribution to Logseq is done (couldn’t find any guidelines for that). I will be happy to contribute :slight_smile:

I created a PR for this feature and after review, it has been merged :tada:

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