Tutorial: Find all Cards linked to a Topic (recursively)

Here is how to learn with the right cards referred to by your pages

  1. Query pages
  • You need to find all pages linked recursively with an Advanced Query
  • Paste the first code found in this tutorial onto your page
  1. Copy result
  • Highlight and copy the pages displayed
  • (Click when the cursor is right from the “… results” and pull down to highlight the text without opening the query code again. different method might work better on your device)
  1. Add correct pages to cards
  • Paste your copied text to an editor (or Ctrl + Shift + V in Logseq)
  • Remove [[card]] from the list to prevent wrong cards are shown later
    (If you’re using Tasks also remove: [[waiting]] [[wait]] [[todo]] [[in-progress]] [[doing]] [[later]] [[now]]
  • Add the filtered pages to the card query in one line
  • Connect the pages with the or-operator


{{cards (or [[science-topics]] [[math]] [[analysis]] [[definite-integral]] )}}

You can also add text to search inside all words of card content.
NOTE: This will search your entire Graph!

{{cards (or [[science-topics]] [[math]] [[analysis]] [[definite-integral]] “calc” “frac”)}}