Unable to delete automatically-generated pages

My LOGSEQ automatically created a lot of invalid blank pages with hierachy in them. Such pages can’t be deleted. There are hundreds of them…can anyone help? thanks!

I checked the forum, and it was said that there is a hierarchy that cannot be deleted, but the date hierarchy is also automatically created by the system for some reason, and it cannot be deleted.

I tried re-indexing, to no avail.

Reinstalling the software doesn’t help either.


Try selecting a dateformat without the forward-slashes / in Settings, Editor Settings
and then reindex your graph from the top-left menu.

The Slashes are currently interpreted as namespace seperators and create a hirachy of dates which is quite useless for that dateformat.

Thank you so much! I changed the date format, and half of the useless pages are gone.
However, there are still remaining ones…The remaining pages still use the old format? Would you have further advice? Many thanks!


Not sure… they look a bit unusualy with the quotation marks. Can you mass-delete them from the “All pages” menu?

No, they can’t be deleted either individually or through mass-delte from the “All pages” menu…
Someone told me it’s that pages contain “Hierarchy” can’t be deleted before “Hierarchy” can be deleted. But he doesn’t know how to delete the automatically generated date “Hierarchy” in these pages either.
Is there a chance you might have an idea? Thanks so much!!