Use of dates in simple queries

At my stage of learning Logseq I’m not so ambitious as to be able to use advanced queries. To be honest I don’t expect to be able to learn how to use them in the future! I would therefore like to maximize the use of simple queries. I saw a few videos about them and read the documentation, but I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for using simple queries.

I’m trying to have various tasks in Logseq in a particular page and I would like to list them by way of simple queries using dates as follows. These are what I would consider fundamental queries for my task management needs

  1. All overdue tasks, meaning those outstanding tasks whether they are “todo” or “later” that have a scheduled date or a deadline that is in the past.

  2. All tasks of any type coming up in the next seven days.

  3. All upcoming tasks in the next four weeks.

Is it possible to have these queries or am I going to be disappointed?

You are going to be disappointed I’m afraid.
Currently simple queries support between but that’s between journal dates/pages. So tasks that are on journal pages between 2 dates.

However, for task management a lot of examples are available on this thread:

If you can’t find what you are looking for there, I’m happy to assist with building advanced queries for you!

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Thank you for your reply. Life has many disappointments but thank goodness that there are people like you that are willing to help their fellow human beings. I’ll have a look at the thread and hopefully I’ll find a few solutions to my needs. Anyway, I’ve learned that I should be adaptable to what I require, and I’ll change my workflow accordingly.