Using org together with logseq?


I’m trying to figure out how to best use logseq in conjunction with emacs org mode.

I am converting from Obsidian, where I mostly used it to take daily notes and occasionally write about things. My thinking is that I would use org-journal + regular org and then combine that somehow with logseq. I’m wondering if people have any tips for how to do that?

It seems like it’s complex to use org-roam together with logseq, but does it have any issues interoping with regular org?

I know there are issues using more than one instance of Logseq across devices - since logseq requires a lock on the database. this seems to have been resolved with the Logseq Sync and Syncthing functionality (this comment (How to sync your Logseq graph across devices - #27 by alex0), in response to a concern i had about syncing via git and github, mentions both Logseq Sync and Syncthing, but doing a search on this site is showing me numerous people are still having issues with Logseq Sync at least…).

I’m also interested in using Logseq in tandem with emacs org-mode, but have not yet attempted (i’m interested in email management via mu4e and org, but mixed with logseq).

I feel like someone from the emacs community is bound to produce a package to use the two in tandem. I see there are already a couple of packages out there -

I haven’t given either of them a try yet though. If you (or anyone else!) tries them, please write about your experience with them!

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One write up on using org-mode with Org-roam is here: Taking org-roam everywhere with logseq • Core Dumped. I don’t have experience with org-roam yet though and haven’t tried.