We want your opinion - vote on your favorite table theme!

Hello Logseq community -

We’re hard at work at to bring Logseq a fresh new look and feel, starting soon with a new table component. We’ve come up with a couple concepts, but we want to know what you all think!

So let us know - which of the following table concepts is your favorite and why? Which one feels like the Logseq you want to use?

Oh, and each theme will have customizable colors for tables, so you don’t have to worry about which color is your favorite :wink:

Looking forward to bringing these designs to life and delivering them straight to your computer!

Here’s a quick poll. Everyone’s comments are super valuable so definitely comment as well!

  • Choice A
  • Choice B
  • Choice C

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Looks like only the header is changing per choice (and the color off-course but as mentioned that is not something to consider now). My main issue would be the the spacing of the table details, it is way to big. In the third choice I would like the height of the header and the details to be swapped. The header can be a little higher and the details rows should be much more compact … IMHO.

@jeroen_ophetweb thanks for your feedback! Indeed only the header is really changing.

The new table will have a couple different configuration options to customize it to your liking. What do you think about having a setting for a ‘compact mode’, where the data is much more condensed? Does that sound interesting, or are you just recommending to take off a couple pixels padding

I think I like A the best, then C.
For me A is the most clear, but it is a little hard to tell the differences truly.
I like that A and C have a distinct header that is still part of the table. I miss that with B.
I like the distinct difference between the header and details in C in terms of color.
But I really like the top line in A to divide it from other content.

Thanks for asking, I prefer B because:

  1. I don’t like small caps in UI: uppercase and lowercase letters carry information and A and C hide it.
  2. Less assumptions on the content of column labels that can be a lot of things (I use page references for example)

Here there is a table that showcases different content:


I would recommend to take off a couple of pixels padding and add a ‘wide mode’ as an option.
Mainly I want a sensible default (but what is that exactly :slight_smile: ). Tinkering with options can be nice but it should look great out of the box.

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There’s not much in it, but I have a slight preference for A. I take the point about small caps so am wondering if that could be easily user-configurable?

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Hadn’t noticed the difference in caps. I do agree that this should be a user decision.

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@jeroen_ophetweb if by wide mode, you mean a table that can overflow the block, that is already built and will be always enabled. If you mean the padding, I’m more than happy to have a compact mode, but I think the wider move should be the default. This will be configurable globally though, so if you prefer the opposite you can edit the confid.edn.

@alex0 & others (limited on the number of mentions): header text transforms will be user configurable! Just through css values, but you will have access to uppercase, lowercase, capitalize (Capitalize The First Letter Of Each Word, Lowercase The Rest), and none. Based on the feedback, we will probably default to none though :slight_smile:

It’s nice to see so many options, though I will never understand how can CSS have not an option to capitalize only the first word and not the others (“Like this” and not “Like This”) that is what I would use for properties (for example referenced-by:: displayed as Referenced by and not Referenced By). Capitalizing the first letter of each word is something that is made only in English titles. Sorry for the rant against CSS.

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I personally like all three, but what I think would be great and an awesome feature is the ability to turn a parent block into a table view. I’m itching to try and make this happen in my flow theme, but I think it would super awesome if logseq does this by default. Maybe add a property “view:: table”, and once schemas are implemented this could allow for the easy transition of applying different views via buttons or drop downs.

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Oh thank you very much, I was looking for it for a long time!

Could it be an option together with lowercase, uppercase, capitalize and none? @bendy

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@alex0 view/table-headers:: capitalize-first added! It will capitalize the first letter and downcase the rest.

@jeroen_ophetweb view/table-compact:: true added!

All of the properties can be configured globally in the config.edn if you have a default preference :slight_smile: