What is the best way to navigate for this situation?

Say, I click the Journals on the left menu and scroll down to reach Oct 8th as shown below:
Then I click on the title “Oct 8th, 2022”. Logseq will then bring me to the page of Oct 8th, 2022 as shown below.
Ok. Now I would like to get back to the somewhere the place like the one I shown in the first snapshot.
If I click on the “Journals” on the left menu, yes it will bring me to Journals, but it will go all the way to the very top which is 28th Oct, 2022 in this case since today is 28th Oct. Hence, if I want to go to back to Oct 8th, I have to scroll down again.
Just wonder is there a much easier way to navigate directly and easily?

The two options I see:

  • Use the tabs plugin (which you already have) and pin the page by double clicking on the tab
  • Favorite the page (Go to the date, click ... > Add to Favorites) to have it show up in the left sidebar

@Ramses . thanks for your reply. However, I don’t think that is the kind of solution that I was looking for. Maybe I was not able to describe the issue clearly. Never mind.

Please to explain what you meant :slight_smile:

Reading this:

if I want to go to back to Oct 8th, I have to scroll down again.

I assume you mean that when you press back, you’re taken to the page where you were before, but you find it annoying the position you were at isn’t remembered? So if I understand correctly, if you were at the bottom of a page and return to that page, you want to be at the same position you were before?

@Ramses . Yes, you are right. Sorry for my low grade English. haha…