What options do we have for restricting access to a published graph (apart from Github Enterprise Cloud)

I like to publish my Logseq graph on the internet, and currently use Github for that, but it does only allow to restrict access to these pages by using Github Enterprise Cloud.
(see Changing the visibility of your GitHub Pages site - GitHub Enterprise Cloud Docs)

Is anyone here aware of other ways to accomplish this?
Ideally, I like to publish it with the ability of users to register a user account for access.



Restrict access in terms of editing, or restrict access in terms of viewing pages of the public, exported graph?

My current interest, seen Logseqs state of development, is restricting access in terms of viewing pages of the public. I like to share my graph to a number of people that I want to share it with, online.

The restriction in terms of editing would be more complex because that relies on user accounts editing the same graph, which is similar to what Athens Research does (open source Roam alternative, although they are in the primary development phases, beta testing phase has not started). I hope Logseq will put multi-user graphs with editing restrictions on their priority list, because that is the future of networked co-creation, which in my view is a logical result from networked thought (beyond isolated personal thought)

If you’ve exported the graph as HTML, you could host it on Netlify via Netlify Drop, and restrict access using Netlify Identity: Authenticate users with Netlify Identity | Netlify Docs, or something like Octauthent.