What to pay attention to when adding files through an external app to a name space?

What I have:
Logseq on 2 Linux machines, a phone and a tablet. All devices sync the graph via Nextcloud.
I also have an Asterisk PBX. I am planning to create a script which creates a new file from a template in the “Calls” namespace for every call I make or receive.
I have looked at the filename pattern of the raw files and it looks to me that it is consistently parent___child___page.md.

If my external script just creates files accordingly, e.g. “Calls___Incoming___< ISO-timestamp >.md” and uploads them to the Nextcloud server, can I expect LS to read them and integrate them in the graph? Are there any pitfalls, anything to pay attention to?

Yes that would work.
Just make sure the page has content.

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