When do you need to re-index?

I just saw there’re several people who need to re-index all the time :joy:
So I’m creating this post to collect some feedback, and hopefully, we can fix them one by one.


Mostly when I make a change to an existing block, page, and a query is not picking up the change. I have to hit the re-index button to get the changes to show up.


Is it possible to create a minimal reproducible markdown file with your example query? Afaik all the queries except the new added SRS cards will be re-run when updating an existing block. But this might be wrong.

Sure, i’ll see if I can track down something that’s easy to reproduce and share here.


Renaming pages is part of my workflow (as explained here: Project Pages for Task Mangagement - #2 by ChrisVn )

If I rename a page, the search for it does not return clear hits.
Sometimes the new page name is not shown as “page” in the hit list. Sometimes the old name still appears in the hit list.

A re-index solves the problem.


I use git mannually to sync
After a pull, the local files are changed.
But I open the app, the content is still old. Then I have to reindex mannually.

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I switch devices a lot between my work computer, home computer and mobile. These tend to get out of sync when the new device hasn’t synced back up. At that point i reindex or login/logout to get back into sync.


When I add, non-link page properties, queries do not pick them up until I refresh that page or re-index. i.e.

#+is: active

Change is not reflected in queries, until this page refreshed, or a re-index.

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There is a problem when syncing with onedrive after I changed a device (eg. form office to home).
Before I open logseq, I confirmed that every page and pages-metadata.edn were synced in onedrive folder (judge by the modified time of the file).
But the main page (journals) did’t make a difference before I selected a re-indek or logseq reported an error.
How can I fix this? Could I add something in config.edn to get a indek automatically every time I open logseq?

Hi, there was some chat on this here Bring back the import/refresh button. but even better is that in version 0.3.8 (soon to be released) there will be something like this which will avoid having to re-index every time you swap machines


Good news! Thanks for that.

have you ever suffered from data loss? I’m losing so many files bc re-index/refresh

I’ve experienced data loss after refresh. Almost every page becomes empty, and a few remaining pages have their content moved randomly. It’s really a disaster.

Scenario description:
I enabled built-in AGE encryption. When I trigger refresh, Logseq reports a diff to be solved. But there’s another bug, which is the comparison window shows encrypted vs non-encrypted version, so I can only choose the unencrypted one.
Don’t know if this is related to the content loss.