When I click a link to another block by URL, Logseq focuses the block and showing too little context unlike e.g. in notion

When u click on a linked block in Logseq:

When u in Notion:

Since it’s obvious that notion’s got no block focus mode, while Logseq does. And the presentation ot that linked block in focus is definitely a hightlight of that feature. However, it could get a bit frustrating when I was just trying to link to another block in the same page, and end up losing the grip of the context of the linked block within that passage. This is sometimes a bit frustrating when e.g. writing a relatively long and logic-wise complicated note (complicated even for myself, so that I had to look up the information that I need in that very note).

Hope we could have a tick box in the settings or some other solutions. Yet still, great work Logseq Developers :heart: :+1: :+1: .