Where do deleted pages go?

Newbie here— Trying to figure out where pages go when they get deleted as I have a bad habit of accidentally deleting things. I’ve searched the logseq folder and there is no recycle folder as I’ve seen mentioned. They’re also not in the bak folder.

To note: I’m on a mac and my graph folder is located on the top level of my documents folder and I’m running logseq version 0.9.9. Also, my graph folder does not have the logseq logo, not sure if that’s problematic?

Thanks in advance for the help!

It should have a .recycle folder in the logseq folder. But the dot indicates that it is a hidden folder, so that’s why you probably don’t see it.
I don’t know anything about Macs, so not sure how to make hidden folders visible.
On command line I do ls -a to show it.

Thank you so much!! I didn’t know the recycle folder was hidden—

In case this helps anyone else, to see hidden files on a Mac, it’s “Cmd, Shift, period”.