WhiteBoards Requests

Hi folks…
Whiteboards feature has already been public now at nightly update…
i have some requests for Whiteboards…
Connectors must be flexible and elegant like obsidian canvas

whiteboards must be exportable any image format (immediatly…) [done by v0.9.2)

Connectors can be create from edge of blocks ,page, webpage or shape frame (like obsidian canvas)

Text must be convert to page or blocks (right context menu option)

Logseq Whiteboards is implemented using a library called Tldraw (try it at https://tldraw.com).

It happened that Tldraw become incredibly popular among apps and since its developer received a lot of requests to extend the scope of the library, he decided to rewrite it from scratch and make a way more powerful Tldraw.

The new version is available at https://beta.tldraw.com and as you can see it is night and day. On April 4th tldraw.com will be updated to the new version.

But the new Tldraw source code has not been released yet and it will happen after the upgrade. The Tldraw developers said they are preparing the release of the source code.

Then, Logseq team may (MAY) decide to invest time in porting Whiteboards to the new Tldraw to get all the new features for free, including the curved arrows that you can test at https://beta.tldraw.com


thanks for answer.
Bu i think, tldraw has already curved arrows and export option on current version. Why dont logseq teams prefer these feature that i wonder.
Anyway i think we will wait :slight_smile:

You are right, though I remember them saying it is not open source when someone asked for curved arrows, I didn’t check the actual Tldraw library, maybe they are right, maybe not…

I hope someone from the team could clarify.

tldraw is working on a new version that is currently in beta. The beta version used to be public. The devs decided to take it private until it’s ready for release; then, they will provide the source code.

The logseq team forked the last public branch of the tldraw beta and created their own fork that diverged enough now from the original that it should be considered its own thing.

This is my understanding of the current situation.

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@Bader is right. Some of those features also require different handling in our case, like the exporting functionality that was added to 0.9.2. All of the issues mentioned by @slabhub are already on our TODO list.


hi again, export option is done, thanks Logseq Team
i will add new reqs now

hello everyone, I recently got an iPad and tried using the whiteboard feature to write handwritten notes using the Apple Pencil but the palm rejection and overall writing experience feels a big buggy. Any word or info about giving whiteboards better iPad support? I really love Logseq and would love it for handwritten notes as well. Thanks!

New Req - May 2023
Add Shape Library : Ref: Excalidraw library
- Making new marrket place about whiteboard shape and moockup or frames etc. (Infinite possibility and community works…)
-Import tldrawlib (or logseqlib ext :slight_smile: ) file to shape library … (mostly svg and png icon or part of shape)
-Can be create custom library from user drawing… and share with community

Add whiteboards Templates !! : People can share your workflow, dashboards style or connection style to all community…
-User can create whiteboard templte also export and share…

Whiteboard annotation !!! : Like logseq masterpiece pdf function …

Adding multiple link to shapes…

Convert shape or text or connection to indepented page function…

Thank you .

@Ed_Nico @Bader @alex0 @Konstantinos @tienson

hi @Konstantinos , is any update on curved arrow in Whiteboards?