Why are block property names also turned into pages?

Rather than using hashtags, I often prefer using a more semantic approach using block properties, e.g.

topic:: [[Programming/Java]]

Imagine my surprise when I figured out that topic has in fact also been turned into a page, and a pretty linked one. While I can somehow make sense of that (helps finding all the blocks where “topic” was used as a property), it leads to an inevitable pollution of my graph.

Is there a way to disable this auto-linking of property names (and possibly, get rid of the already created pages)?

In config.edn

;; Enable all your properties to have corresponding pages
:property-pages/enabled? true

;; Properties to exclude from having property pages
;; E.g.:property-pages/excludelist #{:duration :author}
;; :property-pages/excludelist

You can either disable them all by setting the first option to false and then manually delete your existing ones or have an excludelist of properties where you don’t want a page.

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