Why do new lines get deleted?

I put in new lines using Shift-Enter and then when I move to a bullet point, they are all automatically deleted.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

Screen Recording 2023-02-07 at 1.40.54 PM

I think this is intended behavior as Logseq is an outline tool after all.
If you want some empty lines, make empty bullets.
In the config file, this is the default setting I believe and hides these empty bullets.

;; Whether to show empty bullets for non-document mode (the default mode)
 :ui/show-empty-bullets? false


That’s strange. It’s really annoying, because empty bullets don’t export. They all get deleted upon export.

Even if I add a space after a bullet, that gets deleted immediately.

So empty lines get deleted immediately, and empty bullets get deleted on export.

Is there no solution if you want whitespace?

Don’t know what you mean with “on export”.
I publish part of my graph on github and use empty bullets without issue.
Did a local test with some extra enters without issue just now

There’s also an empty bullet on the public landing page:

That’s interesting. If you right-click on that page in Logseq and click on “Export Page” does it look the same as above?

Inside each block it’s supposed to be placed standard Markdown and indeed in Markdown empty lines are used to separate paragraphs no matter their number.

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This shows in the export window

Also yes @alex0 empty spaces are preserved within a block as long as they are surrounded by text.
The moment you add empty space at the end of a block though it gets removed.
This works
But as demonstrated in the original post, if Test wasn’t there it won’t work.

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Ahh… I see, it works if there are dashes, but if you change indentation style to spaces, they will all be gone. Still seems like a problem to me.

Probably an auto trim on spaces.
Might want to file either bug report or feature request, not sure.

I chose bug report. Just posted it in that forum. Thanks.