Workflow advice

Hi all! New to Logseq here. I took the plunge following great advice from alex0.

I have projects that are each mentally divided into “Meeting notes”, “Tasks”, and “Roadmap”. I have therefore created a page [[ProjectX]], the first 3 blocks in this page are [[Meeting Notes]], [[Tasks]] and [[Roadmap]]. Similarly for [[ProjectY]].

I realized quickly that does not work, as meeting notes got all mixed in the same page.

I found two solutions :

  1. use hierarchy, so calling the page [[Project X/Meeting Notes]]
    I think it’s ok, but maybe a little unseemly to see such long page names
  2. Page-tags
    This seemed too weak a link, not really a hierarchy

Is there another way that I am missing, or any advice for that?

In addition, I am trying to use the journal, even if it’s not intuitive to me not to add the information directly in the proper page, as I read in most guides that it’s the recommended practice.

However, I find myself often wanting to add information to a specific page. And then I need to navigate to the page, which is slow (I need to remember the page name, press CTRL+K to make the search appear, type it, etc). Is there a way to add a block to a known page from the journal (not using block reference, but properly adding it to the page)?

Thanks for any advice! Very happy to hear what you guys’s workflows look like.