Zotero Organisation for research

So I’m starting with my thesis soon and I’ve been thinking how to organise my literature, which will be based in Zotero. The goal is to achieve a flow when adding new papers, to make it easily searchable and create as few backlinks as possible. The way I write is assembling all of my highlights from the complete literature into one place and write around it. So access to those highlights will be important.

Elements to consider:

  • Logseq creates a dedicated page to the imported literature from where you can open the pdf. Author info is only within the page. Also you need a page where you can actually import it to.
  • Logseq creates an additional highlights page where all the the highlighted passages/images can be found.

Possible solutions I’m considering:

  1. Import the PDF without Zotero to a bibliography page. PDF is directly accessible without an intermediary page, but attaching it is annoying since Zotero creates an ID for each paper with numbers and letters.

  2. Create a bibliography where all the Zotero imports can be found. Problem is that this becomes quite confusing when you have over 50 bibliography items. Also no direct author info, which is in the individual page (writing it out each time takes time).

  3. Use only the highlights page, since that’s what I’ll be needing and clicking on the reference opens the pdf directly. But for that I need to create the highlightes page, which goes after point 1. or 2, which then needs to be linked to another page.

How are you guys doing it?