[0.2.2]win client can't back to windows normal mode

The client has no Maximize and minimize mode suddenly( I don’t know what has happened )
Now it is full screen mode when I start logseq.
How can I back to normal,thank you.

I have the same problem, now six months later, at version 0.6.1
I am curious why no other people have similar issue, or just don’t care?

Ok. I figured it out myself. You can exit the full screen mode by pressing F11 key.
Once it is back to normal window mode, it will restart in normal window as well.
Maybe it would be more user-friendly by restarting in normal window mode.

Same issue repeated here on 0.6.5 – when I am in Full Screen on other Windows apps (Chrome), moving the mouse to the top section of the window triggers an “x” symbol that when clicked brings you out of full screen. This would be better.

F11 worked, but without knowing that shortcut, you’d be pretty helpless.