0.6.6 bugs to report

Hi Logseq team, just updated to the latest release v0.6.6 and noticed a couple of things right away that I’d like to report to fix:

  1. overlay pop-up screen in Logseq are no longer standing out, mixes in with the current background of text. For example, when I use the /template option, the pop-up text mixes with the background text and is indistinguishable:

example of when attempting to pull up template in Journals

  1. Selected text are no longer being highlighted in Logseq. Usually, there is a background for the selected text that’s currently highlighted (ex. copy, paste sentences etc…) so you know what words in the sentence you’re highlighting. Now there is no idea which part of the text is being highlighted.

Please let me know if you need any more details.

Btw, team – love the product, it is becoming indispensable for everyday work, life. Keep up the awesome work you’re doing!! Love it!

For the first one. Toggle theme from light to dark once.

You should also probably post the bug reports on GitHub over the forum.

Ahh ok will do, thanks Aryan.