3D view of graph

Dear Wonder logsequers

Someone here who has the brains to make the graph view 3D?
Starting to get a lot here and it would be pretty cool to have that feature. After all the human brain is not 2D.




Yes. Entirely agree. The graph is great since it helps us humans to grasp the relationships better due to the spatial relationship.

I found this 3D graph visualization package which uses ThreeJS/WebGL: GitHub - vasturiano/3d-force-graph: 3D force-directed graph component using ThreeJS/WebGL
It feels very snappy even at extremely large graphs and the UI/UX is not too bad.
The graph can be read as a JSON file in the format of

    "nodes": [
          "id": "id1",
          "name": "name1",
          "val": 1
          "id": "id2",
          "name": "name2",
          "val": 10
    "links": [
            "source": "id1",
            "target": "id2"