A key for emacs/ivy like tab completion

Now that we have namespaces what would be extremely helpful is if when you hit CTRL+K and start typing in say a long namespace path and the popup comes up showing the fuzzy matches for what you’re typing if there was some way you could up/down arrow select the closest item and hit TAB or right-arrow and have that path replace what you’re typing and allow you to then extend/edit that path, like for example, to create a new sub-namespaced page, rather than having to type in the whole namespace to create the page, or go to the parent page of the one you want to create and the copy it’s path and then do CTRL+K again and paste it in so you can then create a sub-page.

Right now TAB does something entirely different (like in the background of the popup), right arrow does nothing, and the only real options are open (with ENTER) or open in sidebar (with shift-ENTER).

Without this feature logseq is virtually unusable for me, but with it I think it would be very usable!