A markdown file saved in the journals folder creates a new page and the text doesn't appear on the journal page

I have started using Markdownloader for creating markdown files. I save the downloads in the journals folder and I was expecting that the text would appear on Today’s journal but it creates a whole new page. Am I doing something wrong?

Each page is based on a file, so adding a file is not going to make it show up on a different page.

You probably want to add the files to “pages” rather than to “journals”.
Then you can find the file by opening “All Files”.

From there, you can:

  • embed or reference the other page on your journal page


  • embed or reference a block or multiple blocks from that page on your journal page


  • copy or move blocks from that page to your journal page.

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@LShark Thanks, that looks like the way to go. I was trying to figure out a quick capture method in the daily journal but seems like manually is the way to go for now.

Have you checked the plugins? Maybe there’s one that does what you’re looking for.

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That’s a great idea!