A page cannot input, renamed & named back, not working


i have a page “banner”, i cannot input anything onto the page, both the “Linked Reference” & “Unliked References”, cannot be collapsed

i tried:

  • re-indexed & refreshed times, not working
  • renamed the page to another name, it shows it has a property “filters:: {}” , but everything looked fine
  • name the page back to “banner”, it keeps the same as before, cannot input anything…

thanks for any hint

  • Open the page in another editor, to see if anything is suspicious.
  • If nothing found:
    • save the content somewhere else
    • delete the page
    • create a new page with the saved content
    • if same troubles:
      • repeat the process with only a part of the page, until finding which part is problematic
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hi mentaloid,

thank you for your help, the page “banner” is a blank page, it is from the tag #banner.

it is very weird, and after some effort, i think i found the reason, i installed a plugin called “Banner”, i.e. to have a banner on top of page, if it uninstalled, the #banner page is back to normal.

thank you very much !

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