A plugin offering gallery view of result of page query. just like Notion

Hello, guys. I made a gallery plugin named logseq-gallery. Its aim is offering a nice gallery views for result of page query. just like Notion.

these cover is made in my hand. not generate by plugin. if you not set cover or banner it will display no cover

{{renderer :gallery, <query>, <title>}}

The source of the cover from page properties field cover or banner . And there is a emoji in the left of title. it is from icon field.

This plugin is fully compatible with “logseq-banner-plugins”.

Any suggestions or PRs are welcome. If you like it, could you give me a star? :star_struck:

Install It in marketplace😋

:eyes: Does anyone like the plugin?

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Hi - I like the idea - and I’ve downloaded it - but don’t know how to make it work! (I don’t know how to code unfortunately)

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the gallery query is fully same with page query.
like {{renderer :gallery, (page-property tag area), Area}} and {{renderer :gallery, [[any title]], Area}}
you can learn the page query in https://docs.logseq.com/#/page/queries

Seams amazing and want to test but why this isn’t in the plugin Markerplace?

I sure the plugin in markplace🤔

just search gallery

Thanks, my error, was already installed!
Now learning how to use it. :wink: