A site for searching plugins from the browser

I provide a way to view the list of plugins in a browser instead of in the Logseq app marketplace. This is not extremely easy to use, and is meant to be viewed from a browser.

Logseq has a large number of plugins, but it can be time-consuming to figure out which ones are right for the needs. I would like to avoid checking the same plugin over and over again. In the site, for each plugin there is a checkbox and a note that the user can write in. Ultimately, I think it would be nice to be able to implement this in the Logseq marketplace as well.



  • I would:
    • rename column Number to #
    • merge:
      • columns Number, Added Date
      • columns Icon, Title, Copy
  • On the other hand, for more sorting options I would break Repo into 3 columns
  • Could have options to show/hide:
    • checked rows
    • individual columns
      • or even elements within them
  • Could further benefit from some tagging system.

I did about half of it. Thanks to you, visibility has improved.

    • rename column Number to #
  1. merge: columns Number, Added Date → Author, Added
  2. merge: columns Icon, Title, Copy
  3. a option show/hide checked rows

What is displayed in “Repo” is what utilizes external APIs. This can only be achieved using what the Logseq Marketplace collects. The following JSON file contains the data needed for the integration. I’m not going to spend any effort on that since it can be accomplished with Logseq as well.


  1. Tag
  2. Column hiding option