A solution to work with PDFs stored in DevonThink

Hi, I like my PDFs to be stored in DevonThink - but I would also really like to use Logseqs PDF Annotation and Notetaking features. Has anybody found a solution for this? Right now Logseq needs the PDF to be in its assets folder, I guess I could index this folder in DevonThink, but Logseq changes the filenames.

Does DevonThink store files in folders?

You can symlink a folder from anywhere in your drive into Logseq assets folder, something like /assets/DevonThink where DevonThink is a symlink that points to the actual folder.

This works for sure in Unix systems that have symlinks like Linux and MacOS; I don’t know if there is the same concept on Windows.

Edit: by Logseq changing the file name do you mean the ID it adds at the end of the file name? That happens when you import a file by dragging it into Logseq or using its upload asset menu. It doesn’t happen if you manually place files in /assets and then
manually reference them (write ![](../assets/example.pdf))

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I just found 0.9.0 will add a feature called assets aliases:


Wow thats exactly what I need!