A switch to not treat full-width comma `,` as half-width comma `,` in properties

Why my Logseq treat full-width comma as half-width comma , for separating, in alias and tags(other properties perhaps)? It wasn’t like this before.
That causes a big problem which is, lots of my Chinese web clip title have a full-width comma is being broken into 2 separated page names. They’re all broken now.
Such like this, it’s a full-width comma…:

…and it’s rendered as:

Look at the left side highlight, and the preview arrow upon it, it’s a solo page. And the comma between two page names is rendered as a white half-width comma to separate them. It doesn’t bring a right alias for me to use but even create two separated useless page names in Allpages:
Does it mean I have to use [[]] in properties every time when I type a page name with a full-width comma in?
If this is not a bug but a feature change, is it possible to add a switch to control this change?