A template now uses an instance rather than it's definition for creating new instance

I have a template that behaves oddly. It is defined attributed with empty fields. After creating multiple instances and filling their fields, for some reason, new instances now use one of the old instances as basis, with their filled in values, rather than the template definition with empty fields. How could I fix this ?

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I have the same problem. In the past it was properly working.

I’ll file a bug report then, linking to this thread: new instances of template created from a former instance instead of the template definition · Issue #9250 · logseq/logseq (github.com)

Does clear cache help?

Tried - no, it doesn’t solve it. Still get new templates instantiated with an old one.

Now I’m getting this error - does this make sense to anyone ?

Template insert error: Conflicting upserts: [:block/uuid #uuid “65292499-195b-41a0-879e-231724257a49”] resolves to 79441, but [:block/original-name “Is Our Definition Of Burnout All Wrong?”] resolves to 33671