A writer and traveller from Vienna here :-)

Hi guys!

My name is Peter, I am from Vienna, Austria, am 56 years old, I am writing novels and short stories. I like to travel and write longhand notes when I am on the road, but at home I prefer a combination of LogSeq for outining the ideas for novels and stories, Obsidian for charaktersheets, essays and longer text and Papyrus Autor (a german product) to write the entire thing :slight_smile:

The nice and helpful Santi Younger brought me here by his great videos on productivity apps.

Currently I am using the journal function of LogSeq heavily as I am detoxing myself from News and breaking News and all that shit that consumes time and give nothing back, and I like to write about my expirience into this log to see later how I have done in this time of stop mental smoking …

Best regards!

PS: my native language is german, so please excuse in advance my typos and grammar mistakes.


Hi, Nathan! Welcome.

Santi is doing a great job showing people the potential of Logseq. I like his videos a lot.

I’ve been on a media detox for 6 years, now, and my (mental) health has improved considerably. I’m taking things in more slowly and deliberately, and allow myself the time to explore what I already have. Obsidian and Logseq have been tremendous tools at that.

Well, see you around.




Hi Peter!

Fellow writer here. I’ve heard of Papyrus, but I do use Scrivener for writing. I’m using Logseq to flesh out a story bible for my superhero world (I have stories from flash to full novels written). I think I’m more than half done, but there’s a lot to go. You know that world-building can be a big undertaking if you take it seriously!

Don’t worry about typos/grammer. Your English is far beyond my German, anyway.

When I’m traveling, I use an old laptop to create and enter new journal entries by hand. Once I get home, a re-index makes them all visible on my main desktop system. I’m looking forward to the upcoming mobile apps, so I can work from a tablet instead.


Thanks for the heartwarmth welcome, guys!

Jep, I know that world building is a shitload of work :slight_smile: But we would not do it if we would not have fun doing it, right?
I am on a short novel right now (my first cyborg-story) and I created a big load of pages and subpages with inspirations and background information.

So far I really enjoy using LogSeq as my tool to outline and as I am one of these learning by doing guys, I do it like Jodie Foster in the movie CONTACT: Step by step, sparkle … ^^


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