Ability to edit Logbook times

I accidentally left one of my DOING on overnight. If you hover over the time, you can see the timestamps in the logbook, but currently there is no way to edit the time.

This would be a great feature to add for when mistakes like this happen!

I found it a little strange not to have this feature.
We can see the LOGBOOK but not edit it.

I consider it a fundamental and very important resource, I accidentally left it running and now a task took more than 15h, but it was actually less than 1h, I just wanted to edit the Lobook to the closest time to the correct one.


Hello Flippi. To edit the logbook you need to open the file of the page where it is, change the values and save the file, the data in logseq updates automatically.

You can edit the markdown file of the page and adjust the logbook details there. It works, but it is not very elegant. And logbook mistakes are easy to make, such as leaving a task on DOING. Another source of error is that when I go back to a task and do some more work on it, and switch it back from DONE to DOING, the extra time is not always correctly added to the logbook. I use the logbook details to tally up the total times worked for different clients at the end of every month, so I rely rather heavily on this feature. A bit more convenience in managing its workings would be nice.

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I don’t know if this is a regression, but I found if I edit the logbook in the .md file:

  • changing the duration does not update the times (I don’t think it should, actually)
  • changing the times does not update the duration (even if the duration is deleted)

For ease of implementation and usability, I would suggest the duration be removed from the file, or at least make it optional (calculate it as the TODO is rendered). That way if I accidentally leave a work task as DOING over the weekend, I can correct the times and the duration shown will always be consistent with the times.

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Short cut to Open file in default app: ctrl+d ctrl+a

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+1 for this. Today however I will delete the original block with the incorrect log time. Copying it to another block and click doing again…

+1 for this ! I’ve constantly bad data with logbook as I forgot to deactivate it.