Ability to format (e.g. bold) more than one block at once

I often find myself wanting to format (e.g. bold, underline, highlight) more than one block at once, but it seems that this is not possible. I would love to be able to highlight several blocks at once, then hit ⌘B (for example) and make them all bold.

In fact, a more powerful “batch-selection and editing” feature is desperately required (press shift to select, press command to select (multiple blocks not in a roll)).
It would be great if logseq can learn from Workflowy in these areas: batch selection and basic editing (bold, italic, etc.), batch copy and paste multiple blocks as “embedded”, batch move multiple blocks from a place to another (logseq can select multiple blocks at a time for sure, but only the top one of the roll will actually be moved).

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