Ability to handle git workspace on web with github backend

Hi logseq team,

Now we have changes every time on web with github backend, the top-right corner only show the changed files. But we are unable to check what had been changed, keep some draft at local stage, or removing unused files, like a simple git client.

Will logseq implement this feature (git operations) in the future?


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Hey @ethinx , are you using the desktop app or the web app? We would provide permission to use the native git on the desktop app for plugins.

Hi @defclass, I’m using the web app.

Hi @ethinx , I don’t think we are able to support these git-features on the web app in the near future. Would you mind trying desktop app + local directory? with that, you may use native git to make versions if you are familiar with git. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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I’m glad to know your thoughts and it’s ok @defclass.