Ability to lock a page as read-only/view-only

I have several pages that consist of tables of values for reference. It works really well as a curated guide.

The only thing that makes it iffy for me is when scrolling through, particularly on the mobile app, I’ll accidentally end up tapping into edit mode and things go glitchy. I’m afraid I’ll inadvertently change a value and not notice it.

A tick box to lock a page into view-only mode would make this a rock solid tool forever and always. IMO. Thank you.

I agree with you. I easily change the tab/indentation in mobile app.

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Similar idea: Add a setting to control how to enter edit mode

  1. Single Click (default)
  2. Double Click
  3. Disable

In my opinion, this feature is very important, and also should probably be very simple to implement. So quite a low-hanging fruit.

In my case, I have some pages with tons of content that I often like to review, but I don’t want to accidentally mess with it as I am going through it.

Another usage I have is that I am trying out the whole “use Obsidian and Logseq together”, with Obsidian being for long-form writing that I plan to publish elsewhere. I like that I can refer to these Obsidian pages and even specific headers from within Logseq, but sometimes when I am looking at those pages with Logseq it will swallow some empty lines and mess with the document. Here it would also be nice for Logseq to be read-only on those docs.

This feature would be like Notion’s database lock, where you can play around with the data without changing any of the database’s definitions.

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