Ability to reorder parameters (columns) in table view of a query (not query table)

Problem: The output columns in the table view of a query cannot be reordered (in a basic query). They are listed in order of the parameter’s creation date/time. A parameter that is added later will be listed last in the table. Tables columns shouldn’t be so rigid in their output order.

Solution When selecting “Set Properties” for table, where I can turn on/off parameters, provide the ability to change the order of parameters in list.
Alternative solution is to display column order as they are in the block the query is querying.


Creating a block with parameters like below (for recording tv shows watched):
type:: tvshows
show:: Better Call Saul
datewatched:: [[10-01-2021]]
notes: Some note info

{{query (property type tvshows)}}

in table view column heading order will be

type | show | datewatched | notes

Problem: Later, if I decide I want to add a parameter rating:: and want it to display after show, I can’t. It will display after note

type:: tvshows
show:: Better Call Saul
rating:: 9/10 <-- newly added parameter
datewatched:: [[10-10-2021]]
notes: Some note info

{{query (property type tvshows)}}

will produce table columns in order parameters were created.

type | show | datewatched | notes | rating <-- rating was last created so it’s listed last

not the order I want like below

type | show | rating | datewatched | notes

Any updates on this? For me, this is important for consistency and easily managing results.

There is a special property (hidden in Logseq) called query-properties, which maintains the order and visibility of the block properties (table columns).

You can enter this property and its values manually, or edit the preexisting ones using external editors. This property will only auto-appear if you have made changes to the visibility of the properties.

For example, I am querying the list of books that I want to read, but I want to see the title first.

So I will quickly open the current page in an external editor (I am opening Emacs as I use org-mode).

And edit it.


Although its a workaround and not user-friendly, you can un-select all properties, then re-select the properties you want in the order you want them to appear in the table. See also