ABout footnote numbers

Other Markdown processors allow using footnotes with labels, and those labels would be replaced with the corresponding number:

This is some example[^cn], but this is another one[^another_one]
- [^cn]: Citation needed
- [^another_one]: https://example.com

This would be rendered as footnote 1 and footnote 2. While I understand that some people will prefer to have some control over the labels, I think it would be useful if there was some tool to auto-increment the number in the case you use numbers. Perhaps even recalculating them if you rearrange your footnotes.

Note: Similar to The increase index of footnote can't increase by itself

I didn’t even know footnotes were available in Logseq :open_mouth: many thanks!!

To be honest I hate when Markdown editors change the numbers in ordered lists, I hope there was some kind of standard for lists and footnotes to specify if the number must be increased.

Something like:

This is absolute and does not increase[^1] 
This is relative and increases[^+1]

If mixed one together could see duplicated numbers (but links still working correctly) but I think it would be up to the user to carefully mix the two approaches.

Perhaps the feature (or plugin) could be activated or deactivated. I think it should change the markdown directly if possible, because markdown has a kind of WYSIWYG approach.

You are right and probably the most doable approach. I wonder if any Markdown editor already adopt it so that we can test it.