Access Logseq from a different computer on the same local network?


Is there an easy way to host LogSeq on my local network? For various reasons I cannot install it on some of my computers and would like to access it via the browser. I cannot use Github sync.

As a last resort, I plan to RDP, but that is less than optimal.

I patched the Electron version of LogSeq so it uses network requests for IPC instead. It’s a very rough patch for which I need to resolve conflicts every time I pull the update, and I hardcoded all the paths, but it serves me well so far: convert to the server · ul/logseq@1974502 · GitHub

I use Tailscale to skip solving auth problems. Note that you’ll need to configure MagicDNS with HTTPS support if you want the browser to allow clipboard access for LogSeq.

I hope that helps.

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How do you use it? Can you describe how it works?

To build and run it I do

yarn release
cd static/
node electron.js

After that, it’s available in the browser via URL hardcoded in logseq/core.cljs at master · ul/logseq · GitHub

It works by pretending that the page opened in the browser is an electron app and just sends IPC messages between client and server over WebSocket.