Acronym/Initialism/Abbreviation Expansion


I work in IT and I deal with a lot of acronyms. Often, I’ll have a page for notes on a protocol which is named with an acronym (LDAP, RADIUS, etc) and that’s fine because they’re often the page’s name. But sometimes there are acronyms for things that I don’t have a page for, I just have a block somewhere for it.

I think it would be super handy to have a form of notation to say “this” is the full form and “that” is the short form in such a way that whenever that acronym occurs, you can hover over it get the expanded form or the block where it was defined.

An example would be {{abbr "Expanded Form of Acronym" "Expanded Form Of Acronym", "EFoA" "EFOA" "efoa"}} where the items before the comma are the acceptable expanded forms and those after are the abbreviated forms. .I think the flexibility of multiple forms will help where there are sometimes different flavors or interpretations of abbreviated terms.

Thank you for all your hard work on such an incredible project.

This should help! Not quite what you want but accomplished something similar. The normal tooltip will lead to the aliased page