Adapting a writing workflow involving block versioning from Roam

Moving over from Roam there is a workflow I am unable to replicate - I suspect that I have to find a different way to achieve the same end.

I write notes for an article or other piece of writing as things occur to me in a dishevelled stream in the daily notes. I develop these in a page dedicated to the piece I’m writing, referencing the block in the journal on the day I develop them

In roam I can track back the block that appears in the article to the date of inception and of each edit over time, by using a combination of block referencing and version control - but I believe that version control on blocks is not a feature of logseq.

So to convert this I the best I’ve come up with is to

  • write the block in the messy stage in the journal as the idea occurs to me
  • drag this bock to the page (copied and moved from the journal)
  • reference the block in the journal (to log when it was written, which is a bit of a faff but pretty fast)
  • continue to block reference when edits are made.

In this way I can see that the block has evolved over time, but I am missing what evolved (i.e. the version)

This is significant in that much of my editing can be savagely hacking away, and I sometimes want to go back and retrieve something. At least the trail gives me the freedom to hack away as I am secure in the thought that I could retrieve a chink if I needed it later.

I’d rather not add bloat by copying large chunks of text - does anyone have ideas for how to achieve similar aims to those inexpertly set out above? It may be that I am asking how to apply version control to a block in Logseq