Add a link to current week number in journal (weekly journaling/task planning)

Hi, i don’t now if this is possible without a custom plugin.

I plan tasks per week, so i’d linke to automatically insert a link to a doc of the current week at the bottom of my journal page.

e.g. [[2023-W25]] (YEAR - W WEEKNUMBER)


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I have incorporated your idea into Show Weekday and Week-number plugin at new release. It is still at a stage where further improvements can be made. It can be loaded with a template for Weekly Journaling.

Like below
Weekly Journali

By using Full House Templates plugin, it is possible to create templates that enable advanced functionalities.


wow, thanks very much!

thank you, very cool plugin!

@YU000jp is it possible to modify the plugin adding
year/W#, e.g. 2023/W53 instead of 2023-W53

I considered that at first, but I thought it could be replaced with a page tag. In that case, it is not mandatory and reflects the user’s intention.As a plugin, one of them is adopted, but it is difficult to replace the existing one. It is true that other people have requested this, so we will make it possible to select it in the future if it is technically possible.

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Guys, also take a look here.