Add a shortcut for format inline code?

As the key ` is very annoying to input.

< and the the option src gives a code block.


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I agree that the code block Ticks are very annoying but mostly because I so many times hit, inadvertently, the TAB key and my block gets indented or, when I want to press Shift+Tilde (to get a Tilde), if I am zoomed in on a block and hit Shift+Tab, it out-dents the Block and takes it out of the Zoomed-In view :slight_smile:

This is actually very handy and It’s cool that, after it auto-completes, the cursor is left just after the first β€œ```” so you can easily specify the language.

If I may I would suggest an improvement so that in addition to <src, which would be a generic code block, one would have <python (/etc) which would, straight away, translate to:

and the cursor will be placed in between the lines, for frictionless input of code.

I think the OP is thinking of inline-code while the replies are about code blocks. I feel the OPs pain.
We have shortcuts to format text to bold, italics etc. Something similar is needed for inline code. Let me take a stab at adding it.

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