Add a shortcut for scheduled and/or deadline

As a LogSeq (iOS en Mac) user that uses tasks a lot, I would like to have a shortcut to add the /scheduled or ‘/deadline’ command.

I add a task via command+enter, and then need to type /sch and select scheduled before the date picker shows up. I would like to be able to do this with a command eg command+s, and then choose from the date picker.
Same for ‘/deadline’ where here it might be eg command+s.

Please feel free to comment with additions, so I can update the feature request.

You can use the datenlp-plugin. Just type ^ before the date that you want to schedule.

Eg Buy milk ^tomorrow

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that sounds already useful indeed.

thanks for that

thanks a lot,
I see you made it, kudos
It’s great.
I marked it as the solution

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