Add alias when renaming page

When renaming a page, for instance to add it to a namespace, it would be nice to be able to save the current name as an alias so as to preserve existing links to that page without naming all of them as well. For instance, if I have a page called [[john]] and I want to change it to [[contacts/John H. Smith]], I would like all my pages linking to [[john]] to still say [[john]]. To make this happen, it would help if I could keep the old name as an alias when renaming the page.

This request was for renaming a page, but I was thinking it would also be nice to be able to add aliases when naming a page initially. For instance if I write:

[[contacts/John H. Smith|John]]

then the page would automatically be given the alias “John” and that is what would show up in my text.

Yeah, I would really like this as well. I want to use the short-form in-text, then click through and change the page to the long-form name.

Right now I have to go back and correct the text throughout the graph.

Been running into this as well. Its very interruptive as I have to stop and consider if I set up a page with some aliases first, or just continue writing and then deal with correcting the text later.

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