Add an editable mind map view.

Visualized notes should be the most enthusiastic trend now. Logseq’s whiteboard has also been implemented.
For Logseq, which is primarily used for outlining notes, the simplest way to transform it into a visualized format might be mind mapping! Although there is already a plugin like Markmap for mind map visualization, it doesn’t support editing within the mind map.
While the whiteboard can embed block content, the operation is relatively slow.
Would it be possible to develop two different views in Logseq: one for the outline and another for the mind map? Similar to 幕布."

Unlike many other people who came to Logseq from another similar tool, be it an outliner or not (Roam, Obsidian, etc) I cam to Logseq straight from a Mind Mapping tools as a LifeOS and I would have been happy to remain with the tool if it was able to get to a point where a leaf could be a markdown file shown as a large note. But it couldn’t, so I had to write large amounts of data (ex: a KB solution to an IT issue) inside a Mind Map’s Leaf. At some point I dropped that approach and just inserted a Link to a Markdown file in that leaf and would edit the Markdown in a different tool. So as I saw myself working more and more on larger pieces of text than on branches of a mindmap, the progression to Logseq was logical. Nevertheless, I am constantly thinking of the Mind Mapping functionality that I have lost by switching to Logseq and would so much like to be able to Edit the first stages of an outline in a mind mapping form, then switch to a longer writing form. So your feature request gets a +1 from myself, while stressing out that it should be just a way to edit the same content so be another view of the outliner not via the whiteboards.

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