Add button for page edit switch

Sometimes, a page is edited and would not be edited. A edit switch would prevent wrongful edit action.

on the other hand, an edit button would slow down the workflow. in my case, being able to edit quickly is a feature, not a problem.
maybe a lock button (or shortcut) to Prevent editing would be a better solution. so ppl who want to avoid mistakes use the lock, and we still retain the fast edit

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I vote for this. A page tag like

readonly: true

or something like that to make a page read only and a toggle button (or manually editing the page property) should be ideal. I have some articles downloaded from internet that I want to make not modifiable by default.

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Is the request here more about not wanting to accidentally edit your own pages or about wanting to make some public pages editable and some not editable? If the latter, I agree, but if the former—is this really a significant issue for people, accidentally editing their own pages? Honestly curious.

I think that both cases. If you make a page readonly you don’t want it to be edited via Web (published) o via the Desktop app.

I would like a setting that would allow you to mark a block for editing before you can actually edit it. A bit like a modal editor / vim. This would prevent any accidental edits / deletions.

Mobile versions would benefit from this. It’s so easy to change some Iago when doing some selection. A worst case would be that you do a change and don’t notice it.
I would agree that the UI for this ID going to be more difficult that a simple button for slow editing

This is a MUST for mobile apps in my opinion.
Most mobile use case is about viewing todo or notes, not writing them, add read-only mode can prevent unwanted modification of note content.

Yes. It often happens for me, when pressing t w or similar keyboard shortcuts, which either don’t have a modifier or are chords.

In general these bindings are a good thing. A readonly mode as default and a special keyboard shortcut to enter insert mode like i in Vim would be very helpful.