Add date and reference after DONE


After pressing the check button (DONE), enter the reference, date and time on the next line.

It will be displayed in the Journal’s Linked References, so you can know when it was DONE.

For repeat tasks, the number of times is displayed on the right. Click on it to see your history.

The idea is about to become a reality.

With Task completion plugin, you can put the date on the next line after DONE.

I am also making a plugin. Logseq repeat-task reference plugin

I use a query on my daily journal page to pull up all outstanding TODOs. Then, I’ll go through and check them off as I complete them. Unfortunately, this leaves me with no record of the date of completion. Can any of you suggest an approach to automatically append a reference to the completed task in my daily journal?

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Can try the logseq-datenlp-plugin and use the shortcut mod+shift+d to mark a task as done and append a completed date.

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That’s a great solution. Thank you! Can you please provide more details about how you defined the keyboard shortcut to mark the task as done and append the completed date?

It’s hard-coded in the plugin for now I think. You would like to change the shortcut?

It’s actually ctrl+shift+d for me. Now that I’ve found it, I’m happy. But sure, if it’s not a bother then I would like to know how to change it. You’re right, it’s not in the settings.json.

Thank you for your response.