Add date ranges

Being able to add date ranges would be very useful for ongoing events/tasks. This differs from deadlines and repeating deadlines in that it may not be a small task that must be done multiple times, but just one bigger task spread out over multiple days.

e.g. adding something like [[July 17th, 2021 - July 27th, 2021]] and then having that in the linked references for all dates in between

I would find this really helpful. For example, I have a staff member going on leave for 4 weeks and would love ‘xxx - leave’ to show up every day during that period

Yes, what this is basically asking for is recurrences of the variety seen in a calendar like Google Calendar. Right now a basic repeater is supported. So this is requesting an upgrade to the repeater.

If you note the syntax of a repeater:

SCHEDULED: <2021-10-02 Sat .+1m>

It might simple add a more varied syntax to cover the particulars:

SCHEDULED: <2021-10-07 Thu .+1w(Tue, Thu), 2 of 5 times>
SCHEDULED: <2021-10-02 Sat .+1m(1st Sat), through 2022-10-01>