Add easy templates

Roam has a new feature that Logseq should copy: putting [[roam/template]] in any block creates a template with all child blocks. So if I have:

  • Daily checklist [[roam/template]]
    • look at to-do list
    • pick first task
    • do first task

Then I type ;; in a block, a pop-up menu comes up with the templates including “Daily checklist”, and then continuing ;;D and enter will result in pasting the above, including children.

This would be convenient for all sorts of repetitive templates and tasks!

Actually logseq has had templates since September :

You create your tree structure or properties then right click the bullet and choose ‘make template’ then give it a name. To insert a template, use ‘/template’ and pick the template you’ve created.


Well, it seems that for me feature requests are a great substitute for actual documentation! :wink:

There’s a bug for me in templates. Does anyone else get this? If I type /Template and then hit enter on the template item /Daily notes, it puts the template on the page in markdown form with ### rather than bullets. If I just leave the cursor there rather than hitting enter, every 5 seconds it will then add the template items in blocks below the markdown over and over until I hit enter again. This happens if there are already blocks on the page and using local folders, and continues even if the window isn’t active. Looks like this:

Clipboard Image (1)

Is this a known issue?

Also, is there anyway in logseq to see a page listing all of my current templates?

Yes documentation is still lacking for now, you can find a lot of tips in the changelogs though.

The templates issue looks like a new bug, you should maybe file a github issue?

There is a query to find templates on the discord channel, I’ll post it tomorrow if no-one replies by then (I’m away from my pc right now).
I don’t use it much bc I store all of my source templates inside the same document for ease of access, maybe it can work for you too?

here’s the query to retrieve templates :

{:query [:find (pull ?b [*])
         [?b :block/properties ?p]
         [(get ?p "template")]]}
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With the latest query DSL, you can use this query:

{{query (property template)}}