Add Logseq Block Reference Counters on ALL Instances

Demo video: CleanShot 2023-01-21 at 10.02.20 · CleanShot Cloud

One minor but useful feature of Roam’s block reference implementation (and also Obsidian’s Strange New Worlds plugin) is a concept I’m calling a ‘Reference Peek.’

In both Obisidan and Roam, you can see the reference counter on ALL references, not just the original block. It’s very useful to peek into where a given reference is being used without needing to navigate to the original block.

Since a block can contain more block references, does this imply that the counter must appear next to each block reference? It would clutter paragraphs a lot.

It is a small superscript, so it doesn’t bother me in practice. However, Roam has this feature as a configurable setting, which could be an option for the Logseq team if they implement it.

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