Add page alias without creating a file

In logseq creating a page using [[New Page]] doesn’t create the file is file-system unless some data is added in the page. - which is something I like.

So, is it possible to add an alias to a page without actually create the file?

For example I have pages for contacts or people which i’m nesting under a parent page called [[@]] (as suggested here). But some people have different names for their online presence than thei actual name. So I don’t want to create a new file for both their online name and actual name.

For Example:

Can you clarify the problem? To me, it would seem logical that that you have at least one exiting page, e.g. [[@/Daniel Shiffman]], but not [[@/The Coding Train]]. It would be sufficient to add the property alias:: The Coding Train to the exiting page to reference the person by the two names. I probably am missing something in your question, so could you explain the specific issue somewhat more?

In brief, I do not think it is possible to create an alias to a page that does not yet exist. You can use those different names, but they will only point to the same page the moment that

  1. You create one physical file, and
  2. in it, define an alias.

From that point onwards, both references will “magically” refer to the same page.

@vanadium What you described is accurate and what I’m looking for.
I was wondering if its possible to add alias without having a physical file - probably something in the settings or config.edn etc…